Online Utilities Payment Solutions can be Instrumental for Additional Revenue Overhead

Online Utilities Payment Solutions can be Instrumental for Additional Revenue Overhead

Businesses are hugely impacted because of the pandemic. It is affecting the economy across the globe. Definitely, enterprises are cautious and taking major steps towards digital adoption. Generally even government, local and federal, both have to be first responders during such a crisis. Therefore, digital and automated solutions have proved to be beneficial and not to mention, economic.  

The entire online bill utility product ecosystem can be a bit overwhelming, especially if it is someone who was dependent on physical billing and invoicing system. First, what is an online payment system? It’s simple. Online payment systems are a way of facilitating payments online. 

These systems consist of three parts – the payment gateway, the payment processor, and the merchant account.  


How can Online Billing/Bill Presentment Solutions save your Cost? 

No-Cost Set Up 

Setting up online is as easy as registering with an e-payment provider’s network and linking your website and bank account. Competition among providers and networks has driven down costs and onboarding time and resulted in additional features.  

With the Billtrax app you simply need to download it on your phone, or log onto it and can use Quickpay to clear your bills. If you have the app, you can simply scan and pay, no hassles of creating an account. 


Cost Saving 

Enabling electronic payments cuts down on administrative and office supply costs. Transactions are performed and tracked online and often batched to a spreadsheet and saved on a flash drive or via the cloud. 

Billtrax generates online bill receipt so that you can track or have a digital copy of your payments. You can subscribe to Billtrax’s e-Billing solution to ensure you maintain a repository of all the Digital Payments made and presented to you. Shifting to digital payments is a huge sustainable solution. 


Interactive Solution to Generate Revenue 

Billtrax runs online Ads that run alongside you bills. You can generate extra revenue by clicking on them. The online advertisements engage customers, gets your bills paid fast and also generates cashflow.  


 Multi-channel Payment 

Giving the customers the flexibility of choosing to pay their bills on multiple devices is extremely beneficial.  

BillTrax allows multiple payment options such as credit, debit, recurring and auto payment plans, and ACH transactions. 


Taken together, electronic payment systems work to significantly streamline businesses. Electronic payment systems can save your business a lot of money by: 

  • Reducing time, work and operational costs 
  • Preventing fraud 
  • Optimizing workflow efficiency 
  • Improving data accuracy and financial decision making 



The Billtrax Advantage: 

BillTrax offers faster payments and greater operational efficiency due to automated delivery of electronic payments in place of paper by reducing the number of check-and- list items and slow manual processing time under secure payment transactions. It provides a high level of payment assurance during the transaction that standard paper remittance cannot duplicate including faster account editing, routing, and settlement of functions typically completed within 24 hours  

  • It delivers one of the most advanced electronic payment services available, setting the standard for the industry.  
  • Billtrax adds value across the entire electronic payments landscape by providing a premier solution that can integrate with your existing payment systems.  
  • We help your business to grow by managing your online bill payment tasks so that you can concentrate on other business activities.  
  • Making online bill generation and digital payments faster, secure, and efficient through efficient, error-free, and cost-effective online baking payments solution.  
  • All our solutions are capable of supporting multiple fee-based payment models and types, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or ACH. 
  • BillTrax allows multiple payment options such as credit, debit, recurring and auto payment plans, and ACH transactions. 
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