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We, Best Digital Solutions facilitates systematic and distinctive software products to enhance your core business. With secure solutions that easily integrate with your existing systems without affecting your customer’s daily transaction routines. With our digital solutions, we ensure to empower your business need and take it to the next level.

Why Us?

In today’s day-to-day business process, the digital –approach is important to capture the growth in marketplace. We turn your digital disruption into competitive advantages. With our experience, we offer the solution that is beyond your existing business and make your job easy.

Our products

Billtrax offers to Utility Companies, Municipal and county governments and E-governance Services. DigiSense is to help you to build your brand image globally.

Ebill Presentment and Payment Solution

Our product Billtrax is a one-stop shop to offer multi-channel distribution of your business critical documents such as invoices, statements, and industry and customer specific communication services. Simple cloud-based solution for electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Solution for utility companies such as water, gas, electricity and county governments and many other companies generating bills for their services.

Our software is easy to integrate with existing billing software and processes. Under one digital solution now you can have business-critical documents invoices, statements, and industry and customer specific communication services.

This Solution also acts as a billing repository regardless of channels. With the user-friendly interface, enables customers to make payments and check real-time balance post payment.

Billtrax is secure, simple, and flexible integrated software with any give platform with the existing process too. This is ‘One stop shop’ for all your customer communications related to billing and payments with multiple payment options allow accelerated Cash Flow. With this solution, you can increase customer satisfaction and retention and improve Operational Efficiency altogether.



Now quickly pay the bill in a few seconds! Just sign in with your name and account number to make a quick one-time payment.
Full-Service End User Portal
Register to View and pay bills, view historical payments and receipts, select or change payment options. Sign up for alerts and notification preferences.
Bill Presentment
View and pay your bills from the convenience of any device. View past bills and payment history. Subscribe multiple billers on this platform.
Customer Service Center
Fully functional dashboard to access user-end profiles, view billing and payment history. Now schedule and manage payment on behalf of your customer.
Now get access to reports including, payments processed, returned payments, and fees/settlements, in multiple file formats.
Alerts and Notifications
Now send your customers billing and payments related alerts and notifications via email and/or SMS text messages


DigiSense offers a platform to build a unique audience- connect experience.

It helps in Brand building, campaigns, help to convert your target audience into customers and get the complete report.

Now enhance your audience-connect experience with DigiSense. A platform that offers space to build your brand and improvise business in innovative ways. We are here to give you 360 transformation with enriched customer engagement.

This is a unique DigiAR Solution by channelling creative imagination into reality. With the help of this software, develop your deep customer engagement and enhance your business in multiple ways.

From early customer awareness to marketing, sales to installations, deployment, service and support, many activities can be done in with DigiSense.

DigiSense is AR platform to help you create and infuse an imagine-rich environment to the real world. With this platform you can prepare to overpower audiences with enriching experiences, generated in several environments. We are your digital solution partmers offering services beyond and just marketing and advertising. Now, easily create AR campaigns and implement them at the right time to capture your audiences and global market.


Brand Building
Integrate DigiSense into your branded mobile apps and creating astonishing engaging experiences. Now let your customer scan anything from catalogues to Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising, digital signage and TV ads!
Blend Elements
Now connect your print and digital world together and add value to your brand. Create characters to add magic to the entire experience and implement across demographics.             

Create amazing campaigns by personalized marketing approach with customers in unique ways. Get your customers excited about new products consistently over a long time period.
DigiSense is a conversion booster for your business. Unlimited potential to increase sales and revolutionize the way purchase decisions are made.



We are Software Company helping the business to digitize their company through revolutionary products and solutions. With growing needs of simple paying process and presentation, we work with utility companies for automation process. Our products are primarily focused in US Market catering the needs of Payment and Digital Marketing.

We are here to take your business to the next level by making your payment and bill presentation much simpler compared to your existing bill and payment process. We also offer you a unique platform to develop the best audience-connect experience. We are here to empower your business with vibrant and creative solutions.

Our Vision

To introduce a series of revolutionary products and solutions to put your business on the digital superhighway!

Our Mission

To empower our client's success through our innovative digital solutions to effectively and efficiently scale your business and deliver value to all stakeholders


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