BillTrax Features

We always ensure that BillTrax’s customers always have access to a world-class user interface, user experience, updates and security enhancements.



Quick PAY

Secure, simple, and fast payment options for your convenience include credit-debit, ACH, recurring payments, and much more.  

One-Time Payment

Make single, non-recurring payments or any supplementary payments. Just pay without creating an account.   


Customers prefer self-service especially owing to the COVID-19 crisis where offices are allowing limited access to in person payments.  

Auto Payments

Set up auto-payments against your account on a particular date. BillTrax will present recurring payment as per your customized request.

Pay by Phone (IVR)

We have flexible paying option including payment through IVR and automated phone payments with our timely handled up-to-date information. Listen to your balance, due dates, last payments, etc. 

Pay by text

This feature enables you to receive a text message with your current balance and due date. You can respond “Pay”, enabling Billtrax to instantly pay the bill from whatever credit card, debit card, or bank account information you have securely stored in your user profile. You will then receive a reply text confirming receipt of payment.  


The Mastercard Bill Pay Exchange (BPX) is improving bank-based bill pay by establishing connections with banks and billers, where bills are presented in the bank account that enables convenient payments. Bill Pay Exchange is a network that connects consumer banks and billers through BillTrax.

Auto Payment Plans

Choose your auto payment option, with dates as per your convenience as to when you want the payment to be initiated, thereby avoiding unnecessary penalties.   

Scan QR Code & Pay your Bills Instantly

With touchless payment methods becoming the new normal, this option enables you to scan an authorized QR code to pay your bills instantly.  

Mobile app

Billtrax embraces a customer’s unique preferences supplying them with numerous mobile options to view and pay bills. Choose your unique and varied preferences to accommodate your payment via mobile. Go paperless when you choose this option, enabling you to be a part of the ‘Go Green’ initiative.  


Make fast and easy payments, especially if you are a walk-in. Our kiosks are automated, unassisted so that you can make comfortable payments from the lobby.  

E-Bill Presentment

Be it on the website, or with proactive notifications, mobile, pay-by-text or email, embrace online payment flexibility with Billtrax’s e-bill payments. We recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach to paperless billing won’t improve your participation rates. BillTrax™ is connected with a large number of banks and credit unions where bills can be presented and paid right out of checking or savings accounts.  

Paperless Bill

Our suite of paperless services is designed to ease change-resistant customers into new bill paying methods. Multiple, user-friendly paperless options allow your business to accommodate all types of customer preferences – driving paperless adoption. Therefore, avoid clutter, excess payment of stamps and other postage costs.  

Customer Communication

We give proactive notifications to our customers. Our reminders are automated that provide deliquesces. We give our customers a positive experience with our paperless and automated billing.   

Biller Desk

Choose net banking, credit or debit card options with our biller desk. You will get the due notification in your email that you can save.  

Alerts & Notifications

Get automated alerts and notifications specifically for your utility payments, engaging with our customers in a specific region.  

Full-Service End User Portal

From registering and paying your bills to view your bill/payment history, including your receipts. You can select your payment options or change your notification as per your notifications.  

One-Stop-Shop for all Payments

Billtrax is a one-stop solution for all your payments, be it e-bill, IVR or through notifications. You can customize this platform as per your preferences.  

Seamless Integration

Our software will easily integrate with any billing software and provide both batch and real-time billing and payment information back to the biller. 


We think digital-first, and our conveniently designed interface enables our customers to pay bills whenever and wherever they want: