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Billtrax has partnered with over world-class clients across a variety of industries. 
Our agile and flexible platform can be customized to serve e-bill payments for any organization, regardless of their size and scope.


Improving customer service and operational efficiency with enhanced security and compliance costs and balancing between the two is an act in utilities face. Billtrax helps utilities strike that balance by delivering an all-in-one EBPP solution that benefits not only your customers, but also your staff, and your operations.

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Local Government Bodies

Whether it’s payments for non-custodial child support, speeding tickets, property taxes, or water service bills – Billtrax provides an all-in-one ePayment platform that supports agency-wide government payments.

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Insurance Services

Give your policyholders the best customer experience with Billtrax’s hassle-free payment options. This secure and hosted platform provides the e-billing options they are always on a lookout for.

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Healthcare Services

Billtrax provides you complete control over creating, modifying and distributing electronic and mailed billing statements, compliance and collections letters, payment confirmations, and other critical recurring customer documents.

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Financial Services

Consumers use a variety of bill payment sites every day, so give them the payment options they have come to expect and more. Billtrax’s all-in-one platform enables customers to make payments via the web, phone, mobile device, text, email, and kiosk – all with a consistent user experience through a single vendor.

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